The Brand

Who would have thought of seeking the licensing for the name Alain Delon as the brand name for timepieces years ago? Well, Mr. YY Kwan, the founder and Managing Director of a.d. time did and he has made the timepiece brand acquire significant mind share today.

Kwan approached Mr Alain Delon – the award-winning French actor in the 1980s – for permission to obtain the licensing of the actor’s name to be on a.d. time’s exclusive timepiece collections. While many people thought it was rather ridiculous and impossible to make that timepiece brand successful, the CEO of a.d. time persevered strongly in his dreams. Today, Alain Delon is a renowned international timepiece brand, and a.d. time is privileged to have Alain Delon as a partner for life.

a.d. time has risen in the market over the years since 1989 to become a renowned fashion timepiece distributor, watchmaker and retailer. Kwan has steered his team with positive beliefs and great commitments, as well as firm determination and strong leadership skills to achieve the dream of a.d. time. Together with his lifetime team, some of whom have been with him for more than 20 years, they are proud to have achieved equivalent value and recognition for the timepiece brand, Alain Delon.